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7 Skirt Outfits for 7 days of Summer

A few years ago, if you had told me that I would be styling and loving skirts as much as I do now, I would probably tell you that you're either dreaming or that you're out of your mind... Back then, I used to own one skirt and the only reason why is because it was a wrap skirt with pockets.

The last few years, not only have I moved across the globe, but my style, taste, and wardrobe have drastically changed.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still the girl who's most comfortable in jeans, and a t-shirt. I enjoy exploring my girly wardrobe every now and then, as I like to mix and match different styles in different outfits.

I have to say however, incorporating skirts in my wardrobe has been tough... I'm very picky about clothes and lately I've developed a mindset that I wouldn't purchase any clothing unless I was to showcase them on the blog or on Instagram.  So far, that mentality has been amazing as it has helped me save money $$$. 

The skirts that I've chosen to style for this blog post are hand picked after careful consideration for numerous reasons.  I wear skirts mostly in the summer but I also transition them into either Spring, Fall or even Winter with a pair of tights underneath (Snake Skin Trend Outfit, 1 Item 5 ways: Black Turtle-neck, Fall's Back with Plaid, Spring Blues, Leather on Leather). I wanted to showcase for this blog post 7 different ways of styling my favourite skirts for those hot Summer days.

I fell instantly in love with this skirt the minute I set my eyes on it in the store. It reminded me of the only skirt I used to own years ago since it has pockets as well.  I love the convenience of being able to stash my phone away in the pockets, I love the texture of the skirt and love how much volume/puffy look it has.  I really wanted to get the white version of this skirt but it was a bit too see through for my taste. I picked out the dark blue colour instead and paired it with my floral over the shoulder top from GAP, and my espadrilles denim sandals for a more elegant look.  

Outfit 2 - Midi Length Skirt from H&M (similar)

The first skirt is probably one of my favourites.  This skirt from H&M has a very subtle white on black dotted pattern and it's very elegant and comfortable.  It's perfect for a casual or work day, which is exactly what I needed to add to my wardrobe. 
I've styled the same skirt 2 different ways and I've paired it both times with sneakers for a more casual look. 

Outfit 3 - Mini Skater Skirt from Ardene (similar from H&M)

Mini Skirts have become quite a staple piece in my wardrobe.  I especially love them as I can style them even in Spring/Fall/Winter by layering them with a thick pair of tights and still look cute. This one is a staple piece and perfect to pair with pretty much anything since it's black. This time, I paired it with one of my absolute must have tshirt from Uniqlo, and my white Nike sneakers. To accessorize the whole outfit, I wore my black choker lace necklace, and Daniel Wellington watch. 

Outfit 4 - Maxi Floral Skirt from Urban Planet

With a front slit, this skirt is a little too exposed for my taste, so I usually just tie it up with a safety pin and it does the job.   I love the fit of this skirt and how it accentuates the features of my body (yes, I mean 🍑).  It's perfect for hot summer days; a somewhat formal look yet comfortable and lots of room to breathe.  I paired it with the white Uniqlo shirt, and my gorgeous block heels boots from Nasty Gal.  I bought the mini white backpack from ALDO when they were having their sale and I've been loving it and use it on a daily basis.  I love the minimal look of it with a lace detailing in the front pocket and the size is just perfect to fit my camera and anything else I would need. 

Outfit 5 - Mini Denim Skirt from Forever 21 (similar)

This skirt was a steal. I bought it 2 years ago from the clearance section for $8.  It fits like a glove and is extremely flattering and versatile. I can dress it up or down with any colour blouse/shirt/crop top and it would still look absolutely gorgeous. The possibilities are endless. 
Today, I've styled it 2 different ways to show you how versatile it can be.

Outfit 6 - Midi Asymmetric Skirt from Dynamite

This was the first skirt I bought after moving to Canada, and it's probably one of my top piece of clothing.  I love how elegant and graceful it is. The asymmetry gives it a unique look and the floral pattern is top notch. I usually pair it with a long sleeves blue top during spring time (posted it last year on Spring Outfits), but for summer, I pair it with a blue tank top. I wore some comfortable low block heel sandals with it and that's it.

Outfit 7 - Mini Denim Skirt with patches from ASOS

Let me just say that this skirt is not mine. It's my best friend, Nailah's. But I fell in love with it once she sent me a photo of it. I was hesitant about the fit at first sight but once I put it on, the fit was incredible. The skirt accentuates the shape of my body so well. I think the patches stitched on gives it such a bad-ass look. I paired it with this amazing Element Cropped Graphic t shirt I found from WINNERS and I finally got to wear my Harley Davidson sneakers. 
I love these sneakers so much and absolutely love the combination of black and orange but I didn't quite have an outfit that fits with the colours. But this worked out perfectly. For accessories, I chose to go with the Primark mini backpack I was gifted by my parents from their trip to the US and some simple jewelry like my Daniel Wellington bracelet, some rings, and my black choker necklace.

I hope you like this new blog post format and it inspires you to incorporate skirts in your day to day outfits. Don't hesitate to comment with your honest opinion :)
14 comments on "7 Skirt Outfits for 7 days of Summer"
  1. I'm obsessed with skirts now too, and you couldn't have told the younger me that this would be the case either. Midi's are my fave, and I love how you paired with two casual looks. I've never heard of some of the clothing stores that you mentioned, so I look forward to trying them out!

    1. IKR? I mean who would have thought? Casual is usually my go-to, comfort is always what I'm looking for tbh. You should definitely try out the stores, they're very affordable as well :)

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    1. Thanks Faiza :) I'm really glad that you enjoy. I'm hoping I can get some content out there as well, hopefully soon. Definitely leave me a comment whenever you read something :) I would love to know your thoughts and get some feedback :P

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