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Beauty : New Items I'm loving

Whilst trying to come up with an everyday makeup routine, I have been testing some new beauty products for the past month. Today on the blog, I will be sharing the ones that have worked really well with my skin type and skin complexion and have made the cut to be added to my collection. These are products that I have absolutely love and will definitely be restocking on.

The Holy Grail of Face Illuminator! First of all, can we admire how beautiful and gorgeous the packaging is : 😍. Everything about this illuminator is amazing, from the packaging to the pigmentation, to the texture, and the application. With a hint of warm undertones, it blends smoothly with my skin complexion. Paired with my NARS blush in Orgasm, this illuminator works perfectly and gives an amazing natural glow.

Morphe Brushes have been my absolute favourite ever since the beginning of my makeup journey. I used to own a beauty blender but I personally prefer brushes, it gives me more control. I own so many of their brushes and I would not have it any other way. Every single one of their brushes are so soft, and smooth, and feel amazing on the skin. They are very lightweight which makes it really easy to blend with the skin

The Sephora Concealer works wonders on my dark circles, it's easily build-able and full coverage, I use it for my everyday makeup. I restocked mine during the Sephora Sale last year, and the price dropped to $7/each, such an amazing deal. If I want a more long lasting result, I combine it with my NARS Concealer in Biscuit. It is definitely a great alternative for everyday use; almost half the price of the NARS one.

The Sephora Matte Lipstick is the perfect matte burgundy shade for my skin complexion. It creates such a bold and edgy look. I usually wear nude lipsticks, but every now and then I like to pop on a bold colour, to break the cycle (I'm so dramatic, I know).  This Sephora Matte Lipstick has been added to my bold lipstick collection along with Colour Pop Matte Lipstick in Tulle and Rooch, Kat Von D in Hawkind

For someone who's not so good at eyeshadow makeup, I've got a pretty
big collection. Let me know if you would want to see it in a
future blog post.

As soon as Sephora started carrying the Morphe palettes, I immediately placed my order. I've always had my eye on their palettes but never got around to buying them due to the massive shipping fee from the US. But now, not only does Sephora carry Morphe products, but there's also a huge Morphe store in Square One Mall, Mississauga. The 35O2 Pallette has 35 warm tones, all perfect for my skin tone. It has a very creamy and pigmented formula. They each blend effortlessly to the skin and you can easily create so many different makeup looks . My favourite shades so far are : Heat, Chestnut, Brave, and Brunette.

Until next time my fellow makeup lovers ♡

My Go-to Winter Outfit

 Hi guys, today I'm going to talk about my go-to winter outfit combination. Since I live in Canada, and it gets unbelievably cold, what I really mean when I say winter outfit is everything you can see below not including all the layers of clothing underneath and the huge winter jacket I usually throw on top of this look. To keep my ears warm, I wore my white knit beanie. I think the pompom makes the whole outfit look so cute. Usually, if it's really really cold, I would also wrap myself in my blanket scarf for extra warmth.

Now let's talk about why this outfit is my go-to! I start work at 7am every day, and I go to University right after, so this outfit works perfectly in both scenarios : not too fancy and not too casual. It's easy to put together, so I get to sleep in a little bit in the morning. It keeps me warm, and the fluffiness from the sweater makes this outfit so comfortable and cozy.

Even though, I already own a similar fluffy sweater from Calvin Klein, I still bought this one from H&M, because of how amazing it feels. It was also a more affordable version and I just had to add it to my collection of sweaters.

I don't usually wear any jewelry with my daily outfits, maybe one of my watches but that's about it. I chose to go with my OTK Boots for this look, since the day we shot these pictures, wasn't as cold as it has been the last few days. 

With my crazy University schedule this semester, and this uncontrollable cold weather, it'll be really hard to create content on the blog. But I've got some ideas to work around it. Stay tuned, and stay warm everyone!