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Summer Dresses Diaries 2019

Happy Friday everyone! Did you enjoy this short work week? For those heading back to school this week, Gluck, you got this!

Unfortunately, Labour Day and First Day of School are all signs of the end of Summer.
Perfect Summer days in Canada are very limited.  You better believe that I enjoy every minute of Summer by pulling out my Summer Dresses and flaunting my genetically tanned legs 😝

With Summer coming to an end, I decided to put together a Summer Dresses Diaries 2019 featuring all the new dresses I've added to my closet this year.

I've named this blog post "Diaries 2019" with hope of turning this into a new series of Summer Dresses.
Keep your fingers crossed for Summer Dresses Diaries 2020🤞

Outfit 1 - Spaghetti Straps Yellow Dress
This dress from Winners was a steal for $29.99. The straps were adjustable. I loved the fit, the asymmetry and the length of the dress.  I loved how simple and comfortable this dress was, yet with a touch of elegance. The only downside of this dress is the texture: Linen. It creases very easily but for such a gorgeous and flattering dress, it's worth ironing.
To accessorize this beautiful dress, I paired it with a gold thread choker necklace and a pendant necklace. I wore my flat sandals from Ardene and a hat.


Outfit 2 - Puffy Sleeves Polka Dot Dress 
Also from Winners for the price of $29.99, I cannot count how many times I've worn this dress all Summer long. I was on the lookout for a polka dot dress and this one caught my eye the minute I walked down the aisle. It's a very subtle polka dot pattern on this gorgeous bright orange fabric. The dress has a fabric belt, which can be tied either in the front or at the back. I prefer to tie it at the back since it accentuates my waist more. 
For accessories, I chose a gold thread choker necklace, a pendant necklace, some rings, and I finished the look with my gorgeous boots from Nasty Gal, which btw are the perfect dupe for Prada's Block Heel Leather Bootie 👏

Outfit 3 - Puffy Sleeves Shirt Dress
Have you noticed a pattern? It's pretty clear that I've been digging the puffy sleeves trend. This shirt dress was a MUST though! It is the most comfortable and loose Linen dress I own. This dress is pretty much TomBoy Style dreams, and has my name written all over it. Originally from ZARA, I thrifted this striped shirt dress from Plato's Closet for $15. 
I chose to accentuate my waist by pairing it with a wide black belt also from ZARA but bought from Winners. For shoes, I chose my laced block heel sandals from Urban Planet and I wore my feathery earrings from Ardene that I bought a while back.

Outfit 4 - Belted Striped Dress
Another pattern? Loving the stripes 💖
I bought this dress from H&M for those business chic days. The dress comes with a belt, though I don't quite like how it's meant to be tied. I'm more of "bow" kind of girl. I love the mid length sleeves of the dress making it a perfect summer dress as well as transitional dress into either Spring/Fall.
To accessorize this dress, I wore my Calvin Klein watch, Michael Kors lock bracelet and a simple snake pendant necklace. To finish the look, I wore my brown Ankle Boots.

We have reached the end of this blog post: Summer Dresses Diaries 2019 🌟
Let me know in the comments below which dress do you like best

7 Skirt Outfits for 7 days of Summer

A few years ago, if you had told me that I would be styling and loving skirts as much as I do now, I would probably tell you that you're either dreaming or that you're out of your mind... Back then, I used to own one skirt and the only reason why is because it was a wrap skirt with pockets.

The last few years, not only have I moved across the globe, but my style, taste, and wardrobe have drastically changed.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still the girl who's most comfortable in jeans, and a t-shirt. I enjoy exploring my girly wardrobe every now and then, as I like to mix and match different styles in different outfits.

I have to say however, incorporating skirts in my wardrobe has been tough... I'm very picky about clothes and lately I've developed a mindset that I wouldn't purchase any clothing unless I was to showcase them on the blog or on Instagram.  So far, that mentality has been amazing as it has helped me save money $$$. 

The skirts that I've chosen to style for this blog post are hand picked after careful consideration for numerous reasons.  I wear skirts mostly in the summer but I also transition them into either Spring, Fall or even Winter with a pair of tights underneath (Snake Skin Trend Outfit, 1 Item 5 ways: Black Turtle-neck, Fall's Back with Plaid, Spring Blues, Leather on Leather). I wanted to showcase for this blog post 7 different ways of styling my favourite skirts for those hot Summer days.

I fell instantly in love with this skirt the minute I set my eyes on it in the store. It reminded me of the only skirt I used to own years ago since it has pockets as well.  I love the convenience of being able to stash my phone away in the pockets, I love the texture of the skirt and love how much volume/puffy look it has.  I really wanted to get the white version of this skirt but it was a bit too see through for my taste. I picked out the dark blue colour instead and paired it with my floral over the shoulder top from GAP, and my espadrilles denim sandals for a more elegant look.  

Outfit 2 - Midi Length Skirt from H&M (similar)

The first skirt is probably one of my favourites.  This skirt from H&M has a very subtle white on black dotted pattern and it's very elegant and comfortable.  It's perfect for a casual or work day, which is exactly what I needed to add to my wardrobe. 
I've styled the same skirt 2 different ways and I've paired it both times with sneakers for a more casual look. 

Outfit 3 - Mini Skater Skirt from Ardene (similar from H&M)

Mini Skirts have become quite a staple piece in my wardrobe.  I especially love them as I can style them even in Spring/Fall/Winter by layering them with a thick pair of tights and still look cute. This one is a staple piece and perfect to pair with pretty much anything since it's black. This time, I paired it with one of my absolute must have tshirt from Uniqlo, and my white Nike sneakers. To accessorize the whole outfit, I wore my black choker lace necklace, and Daniel Wellington watch. 

Outfit 4 - Maxi Floral Skirt from Urban Planet

With a front slit, this skirt is a little too exposed for my taste, so I usually just tie it up with a safety pin and it does the job.   I love the fit of this skirt and how it accentuates the features of my body (yes, I mean 🍑).  It's perfect for hot summer days; a somewhat formal look yet comfortable and lots of room to breathe.  I paired it with the white Uniqlo shirt, and my gorgeous block heels boots from Nasty Gal.  I bought the mini white backpack from ALDO when they were having their sale and I've been loving it and use it on a daily basis.  I love the minimal look of it with a lace detailing in the front pocket and the size is just perfect to fit my camera and anything else I would need. 

Outfit 5 - Mini Denim Skirt from Forever 21 (similar)

This skirt was a steal. I bought it 2 years ago from the clearance section for $8.  It fits like a glove and is extremely flattering and versatile. I can dress it up or down with any colour blouse/shirt/crop top and it would still look absolutely gorgeous. The possibilities are endless. 
Today, I've styled it 2 different ways to show you how versatile it can be.

Outfit 6 - Midi Asymmetric Skirt from Dynamite

This was the first skirt I bought after moving to Canada, and it's probably one of my top piece of clothing.  I love how elegant and graceful it is. The asymmetry gives it a unique look and the floral pattern is top notch. I usually pair it with a long sleeves blue top during spring time (posted it last year on Spring Outfits), but for summer, I pair it with a blue tank top. I wore some comfortable low block heel sandals with it and that's it.

Outfit 7 - Mini Denim Skirt with patches from ASOS

Let me just say that this skirt is not mine. It's my best friend, Nailah's. But I fell in love with it once she sent me a photo of it. I was hesitant about the fit at first sight but once I put it on, the fit was incredible. The skirt accentuates the shape of my body so well. I think the patches stitched on gives it such a bad-ass look. I paired it with this amazing Element Cropped Graphic t shirt I found from WINNERS and I finally got to wear my Harley Davidson sneakers. 
I love these sneakers so much and absolutely love the combination of black and orange but I didn't quite have an outfit that fits with the colours. But this worked out perfectly. For accessories, I chose to go with the Primark mini backpack I was gifted by my parents from their trip to the US and some simple jewelry like my Daniel Wellington bracelet, some rings, and my black choker necklace.

I hope you like this new blog post format and it inspires you to incorporate skirts in your day to day outfits. Don't hesitate to comment with your honest opinion :)

What to do if you slept with makeup on

Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk about what to do if you slept with makeup on! Maybe you got home late from a night out and were too exhausted or you pulled an all nighter and did not have time or you’re like me and you end up falling asleep accidentally while resting for just a moment. Whatever the reason, we’ve all slept with makeup on one time or another. As long as it’s not a habit, it’s OK. Thankfully there are some steps you can take in order to prevent any clogged pores, zits or dry patches to appear.

Pilot Uniform Vibes : Utility Look

Hello, this is your captain speaking.  Welcome aboard PopOfGrey.  

I've been MIA on my blog for quite a while (more than 2 months) but my schedule has been crazy busy with an exam season, additional hours at work, and summer courses.  Over the last few weeks however, I have been out and about, trying to shoot content with my friends, sister or on my own with my tripod.  As hard as it is to work around everybody's schedule, as well as my own, I have made it my mission this summer to produce as much fascinating and interesting content that all my readers and followers can enjoy (on Instagram and blog).

As for today's blog post, I wanted to try something different and focus on a fashion concept that is currently trending: The "utility look".  I've seen variations of the utility trend all over social media and I've been wanting to give a try.  I've been on the hunt to find the perfect utility outfit and I "won" (at Winners), no pun intended.  When I first saw it, I instantly felt some serious pilot uniform vibes from it.  But to be honest, that's probably why I love this utility jumpsuit so much.  Paired with my new favourite belt from ZARA (which I also got from WINNERS though), the olive green utility jumpsuit compliments my body perfectly and looks damn cute!  To finish the look, I wore my new glossy black boots from Nasty Gal, and my black laced choker necklace.  
Altogether it was the perfect outfit for spring.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now onto our final approach of this blog post... Until next time everyone ! XX

3 Easy Braided Hairstyles

Before my vacation in July last year, I decided to do something different with my hair. For several months now, I’ve rocked the shoulder-length bob with bangs and I absolutely loved it. My hair is naturally straight and smooth, so it didn’t take a lot to maintain this look. But now that I want to grow my hair, my bangs are quite an issue since they’re always in the way. They’re long enough to poke me in the eye but not long enough to be tucked behind my ears. And since I wear glasses, it makes it so much harder to get them out of my face. My only solution was braids, and since I love braiding so much, I try different hairstyles to mix it up every day.

Today, I will be talking about 3 simple braided hairstyles that are easy to recreate on any hair length.

Double Dutch braid/inverse braid
This is definitely my go-to hairstyle whenever I braid my hair.  Since I have really thin and smooth hair, I really like to leave my hair half down to give it more definition.  I fluctuate between the Dutch braid and the French braid for this hairstyle.  I find that the Dutch braid or the inverse braid works better for me since it visually increases the volume and thickness of my hair.

Step 1 : Part your hair in the middle
Step 2 : Tuck one side by pinning or tying it with a hair elastic
Step 3 : Start a Dutch/French braid from the front to the crown of your head (Tip: leave enough hair to lay on top of your ear). Repeat on the other side
Step 4 : Tie the ends with a black or clear elastic

Braided Bangs with pigtails
This was an on the spot hairstyle that my best friend, Nailah suggested.  It turned out to be the easiest of all the braided hairstyles I've ever done and so cute.

Step 1 : Part your hair in the middle
Step 2 : Tuck one side by pinning or tying it with a hair elastic
Step 3 : Start a simple, and tight braid on your bangs/front hair
Step 4 : Pin the end of the hair underneath your hair to hide the bobby pin. Repeat on the other side
Step 5 : Tie the bottom of your hair into low pigtails

Double French braid with pigtails
This hairstyle involves similar steps to the first one.  This is my go-to hairstyle for the gym.  I opt to do the French braid since it helps keep the braid tight throughout my whole workout.  It keeps my hair in place which is just what I need.  

Step 1 : Part your hair in the middle
Step 2 : Tuck one side by pinning or tying it with a hair elastic
Step 3 : Start a French braid from the front to the bottom of your head. Repeat on the other side
Step 4 : Tie the ends in low pigtails with a black or clear elastic

Tip : Hold the end of your braid, and tuck on the braid to create a faux volume effect

I hope you enjoyed this hair styling blog post.  It's slightly different from what I usually post about.  But PopOfGrey has always covered all the things I am passionate about, and braiding my hair has been an obsession of mine ever since I learned how to braid from YouTube.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more braided hairstyles on the blog in the future 💕

Beauty : New Items I'm loving

Whilst trying to come up with an everyday makeup routine, I have been testing some new beauty products for the past month. Today on the blog, I will be sharing the ones that have worked really well with my skin type and skin complexion and have made the cut to be added to my collection. These are products that I have absolutely love and will definitely be restocking on.

The Holy Grail of Face Illuminator! First of all, can we admire how beautiful and gorgeous the packaging is : 😍. Everything about this illuminator is amazing, from the packaging to the pigmentation, to the texture, and the application. With a hint of warm undertones, it blends smoothly with my skin complexion. Paired with my NARS blush in Orgasm, this illuminator works perfectly and gives an amazing natural glow.

Morphe Brushes have been my absolute favourite ever since the beginning of my makeup journey. I used to own a beauty blender but I personally prefer brushes, it gives me more control. I own so many of their brushes and I would not have it any other way. Every single one of their brushes are so soft, and smooth, and feel amazing on the skin. They are very lightweight which makes it really easy to blend with the skin

The Sephora Concealer works wonders on my dark circles, it's easily build-able and full coverage, I use it for my everyday makeup. I restocked mine during the Sephora Sale last year, and the price dropped to $7/each, such an amazing deal. If I want a more long lasting result, I combine it with my NARS Concealer in Biscuit. It is definitely a great alternative for everyday use; almost half the price of the NARS one.

The Sephora Matte Lipstick is the perfect matte burgundy shade for my skin complexion. It creates such a bold and edgy look. I usually wear nude lipsticks, but every now and then I like to pop on a bold colour, to break the cycle (I'm so dramatic, I know).  This Sephora Matte Lipstick has been added to my bold lipstick collection along with Colour Pop Matte Lipstick in Tulle and Rooch, Kat Von D in Hawkind

For someone who's not so good at eyeshadow makeup, I've got a pretty
big collection. Let me know if you would want to see it in a
future blog post.

As soon as Sephora started carrying the Morphe palettes, I immediately placed my order. I've always had my eye on their palettes but never got around to buying them due to the massive shipping fee from the US. But now, not only does Sephora carry Morphe products, but there's also a huge Morphe store in Square One Mall, Mississauga. The 35O2 Pallette has 35 warm tones, all perfect for my skin tone. It has a very creamy and pigmented formula. They each blend effortlessly to the skin and you can easily create so many different makeup looks . My favourite shades so far are : Heat, Chestnut, Brave, and Brunette.

Until next time my fellow makeup lovers ♡

My Go-to Winter Outfit

 Hi guys, today I'm going to talk about my go-to winter outfit combination. Since I live in Canada, and it gets unbelievably cold, what I really mean when I say winter outfit is everything you can see below not including all the layers of clothing underneath and the huge winter jacket I usually throw on top of this look. To keep my ears warm, I wore my white knit beanie. I think the pompom makes the whole outfit look so cute. Usually, if it's really really cold, I would also wrap myself in my blanket scarf for extra warmth.

Now let's talk about why this outfit is my go-to! I start work at 7am every day, and I go to University right after, so this outfit works perfectly in both scenarios : not too fancy and not too casual. It's easy to put together, so I get to sleep in a little bit in the morning. It keeps me warm, and the fluffiness from the sweater makes this outfit so comfortable and cozy.

Even though, I already own a similar fluffy sweater from Calvin Klein, I still bought this one from H&M, because of how amazing it feels. It was also a more affordable version and I just had to add it to my collection of sweaters.

I don't usually wear any jewelry with my daily outfits, maybe one of my watches but that's about it. I chose to go with my OTK Boots for this look, since the day we shot these pictures, wasn't as cold as it has been the last few days. 

With my crazy University schedule this semester, and this uncontrollable cold weather, it'll be really hard to create content on the blog. But I've got some ideas to work around it. Stay tuned, and stay warm everyone!

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year everyone. It's my first blog post of 2019, can you believe it? I feel like 2018 flew by, but I'm excited to see what 2019 has in store for me. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday week.

Since last year's resolutions post did so well, I thought I would give it a try again for 2019. Even though, I did not quite follow through as much as I wanted to last year, I still think that putting my resolutions in writing anywhere is always worth it. I chose to write them on my blog, since I'm literally on it every single day.  

Looking back at last year's New Year's Resolutions blog post, I realize how much I let myself down. 

1. For the first 2 months, I really stuck with maintaining a bullet journal, which is a source keeping tabs of my daily activities. Unfortunately I decided to stop. It was too time consuming to invest in every day.
2.  I wasn't as consistent with going to the gym, as I was in 2017, after I came back from my vacation in July 2018. 
3. I'm proud of myself a little bit for dyeing the ends of my hair a reddish colour at the beginning of the year. One of my many resolutions going into 2018.
4.  I am proud to say my Instagram account, as well as my blog, saw consistent growth from an audience perspective for most of 2018.  Unfortunately with the new algorithm implemented later in the year (2018), both of my platforms saw a dip in terms of activity. 
5.  My Skin Care Routine is not perfected yet, but has definitely improved over past year. With the addition of The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice exfoliator face mask, the unevenness in my skin has improved.  
6. Another resolution of mine was to stop overthinking, but honestly I don't think that I can do that. It's in my DNA and I can't really help it. Once something goes wrong, my mind blocks off all good things and keeps producing thoughts of negative possibilities. 

Over the year, I also got the opportunity to work with some amazing brands such as The Body Shop, Febreze, iDealOfSweden, and MyMakeupBrushSet.
I also bought my very own camera and tripod, which I'm totally ecstatic to learn more about.

Anyway, enough about 2018, let's move on to 2019 New Year's Resolutions!
These are mine but hey if it works for you as well, go ahead and snatch them :)

1. Work out more, if not at the gym, at home. Drink more water, less fizzy drinks and cut it down to 1 coffee/day.  Eat healthier.

2. Be more involved with my followers with Instagram Stories. 

3. Use my camera and tripod to take my own photos. Be more proactive and creative. Find what works the best and use it.

4. In an attempt to remain fresh and new with my future content, I will continue to develop my style in clothing, apply new colours to my outfit and make up posts, and discuss new patterns, and textures. I have a great passion for a vast array of different styles and fashions and concepts that exist, and I will look to convey all my opinions to my reading and viewing audience.

5. Create and follow an editorial calendar. Follow schedule to be more consistent with blog posts. (aiming for at least 1 blog post/week). Upgrade blog with new features.

6. Start my YouTube Channel, and create 1 minute video content for Instagram.

7. Travel and explore as much as possible.

8. Spend more time with my family, and friends. Make new memories and capture them with my camera.