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The Body Shop Products Review

         Hi guys! First of all, let me just say that I have been a fan of the Body Shop ever since I moved to Canada. I pretty much own all of their Tea Tree Oil products (face mask, night cream, drops, and cleanser). I am always restocking on my favourite moisturizer Vitamin E, and I absolutely love their body butters. So to partner with them to review these products, was a HUGE thing for me.

         Secondly, let me tell you how awkward it was for me to pick up these products from the store. I wasn't sure what to say since I've never done anything like this before. Initially, I walked into the store and told one of the associates that I'm here to pick up a package, and she immediately thought that I ordered something online and came to pick it up. It took her some time to realize, but she finally called her manager who knew what to do. 

         I thought I was only going to receive a little something to post a picture of, but OMG they gave me so much to review and comment on. At that moment, upon receiving everything, I felt very overwhelmed.

         Being such a perfectionist, wanting to do everything right, I instantly starting checking out the work of some of the other bloggers out there, and realized that I'm going to have to be creative about taking a photo of the products. I realized that I needed a colour palette for the photo, so I grouped all the yellow products together and all the pink ones together, and started looking for some props to use them with.

         I hope you like the photos, and that the review helps you get an idea of how amazing their products are.

         Before we get started, here's a breakdown of all the products I received :
1. British Rose Collection Premium Set ($46)
2. Vanilla Marshmallow Delights Festive Sack ($28)
3. Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying and Polishing Face Mask ($28)
4. Vanilla Marshmallow Body Butter 200ml ($21)
5. Coconut Beautifying Dry Oil for Body, Face and Hair ($16)
6. Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask ($16)
7. Coco Calming Face Mist ($10)
8. Lipstick 

SCENT : British Rose
The first thing I chose was this British Rose Set. I went with this particular scent because I am already addicted to their British Rose Face Mask, and I knew I was going to absolutely love the collection even more. Everything in this collection has such an unbelievable amazing and strong Rose flower smell.
I have incorporated the British Rose body yoghurt into my everyday routine. I use it in the morning when I'm mostly running late as it absorbs in seconds.

I cannot live without a hand moisturizer, especially during Winter time. I moisturize like crazy. I keep the British Rose moisturizer at my work place and constantly use it. What I absolutely love about theses hand moisturizers is that even though I'll wash my hands, the scent pleasantly remains. So, if I ever forget to moisturize after washing my hands, it still smells fabulous and feels extraordinary.

As for the shower gel, from what I've used in just one week of using, you could probably tell how much I am loving it. I have always loved a good scented shower gel. I had been obsessed with the Watermelon Yves Rocher Shower Gel but unfortunately it has been discontinued months ago. Luckily I think that I might have found a new favourite one, the British Rose shower gel.  

Vanilla Marshmallow, is my new favourite thing. Again, just like the British Rose one, this has been added to my everyday routine. I carry this hand moisturizer in my winter jacket's pocket, as it has become my favourite. I finished the mini shower gel in 3 days and then moved on to the British Rose one. I love the body butter so much that I gave my Strawberry one a break and instantly started using this one. I mainly use the body butter after a nice long shower at night. I just love how smooth and moisturized my legs feel before going to sleep. 

The Chinese Ginseng together with my favourite British Rose face mask has been a great combination. The Chinese Ginseng face mask works amazingly on some parts of my face to remove unevenness in my skin. It's an exfoliator face mask, leaving my skin with glowing and fresh skin. I use it on my chin area, on my forehead and on the apples of my cheeks. Combining both the Chinese Ginseng face mask and the British Rose face mask, allows to treat the dark circles underneath my eyes and the unevenness of my skin. 

I haven't gotten the chance to try every single product, but so far, everything that I have used, I have loved (probably because I love the scent so much, it automatically makes me love the product).
To finish, I wanted to thank @thebodyshop for giving me the opportunity to try some of their new products, and to review them. I am also happy to report that Vanilla Marshmallow products such as the body butter and the shower gel will definitely be kept in my routine for now.

I hope you liked this blog post and that it was helpful for you and hopefully we can all be body shop users together.
9 comments on "The Body Shop Products Review"
  1. There hands moisturizer smell so good �� One of my favourite brand !

    1. I could not agree more, I own so many of their stuffs, scent and quality is really good

  2. These all look so lovely! I love The Body Shop almond, shea and banana scents!

    1. Thank you hun, I was hesitant about the almond one, but I ended up going with the Vanilla marshmallow instead, but the Banana hair mask makes my hair smell so fruity and sweet whenever I use it, I absolutely love it :)

  3. I love The Body Shop and I should try the Vanilla Marshmallow flavor soon :) I've been in love with the Pink Grapefruit body butter for the longest time, think it's time for a change 😊 This is a great post, thanks!

    1. Thank you. I haven't tried the Grapefruit one yet, I was big fan of their mango or strawberry scented body butters before the Vanilla Marshmallow. But I'm always trying new body butters since they're all so amazing! I hope you like the Vanilla Marshmallow body butter.

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    1. I am so glad that you find my blog helpful. It started off as a passion to write about what I like, but I am so so so happy when somebody reaches out to let me know that my blog posts are helpful. I am honoured and always happy to help :)

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