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Affordable Holiday Gift Guide

I know I'm a bit early, but since Black Friday is this week and Cyber Monday is right around the corner, I thought I would get a head start by purchasing some of my gifts and saving some money at the same time. Being from a Muslim family, I have not celebrated or participated in the Christmas spirit ever... but this year is different, since my friends and I have decided to buy each other presents for Christmas. Even though I don't celebrate the holiday, the thought of Christmas does bring a sense of togetherness, family and love.

Being a student, I am definitely on a budget. Being thrifty nowadays, I have done my research and looked for gifts ranging between $5- $50. I came up with this Ultimate Affordable Gift Guide! I've tried to be as detailed as possible and split it up in several categories, so get ready to get your shopping shoes ON!

Gifts for her :
Shopping for a woman is unbelievably easy.
Here are some of my favourites :

Beauty lovers

Skin care for her
1. British Rose Premium Collection Set ($46)

Fashion for her
1. Velvet Cami Dress ($15.90)
5. Belted Cargo Boyfriend Jogger ($49.99)
6. Ankle Boots on Sale ($80, now $40)

Accessories for her
2. Clutch Bag ($45)
4. A chic floral phone case (iDealOfSweden) ($ 39.99 50% OFF, now $19.99)

Gifts for him :
Men are SO hard to shop for, am I right? Well this year, I tried to be a little creative instead of going for a generic wallet, etc. Here's a list of some of the things I found : 

1. A personalized water bottle ($26, now $14.99)
3. A Beard Care Kit ($25)
4. Shave Away Kit ($25)
6. A matte colour phone case (iDealOfSweden) ($ 39.99 50% OFF, now $19.99) 
8. Mark's Earpodz ($19.99)
10. GUESS Hat ($29)

Enjoy your shopping everyone!
4 comments on "Affordable Holiday Gift Guide"
  1. Omg completely agreed with you. Man is sooo hard to shop����. This vlog helps me to buy gifts for my closed ones�� keep it up❤

    1. I'm so glad that it helps, and trust me I know the struggle of buying gifts for a guy... :/

  2. Love the gift ideas, especially for men since it's always so hard to find something for guys.

    1. I could not agree more, I had to do my research in order to have 10 things to put on the list.