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Travel Outfits - British Columbia & Alberta

First of all, if you'd like to see just my outfits, and skip all the ramblings about my trip then just scroll all the way to the bottom!

I cannot believe that it has been a month already since I came back from my two weeks vacation to Vancouver. Yes, I say "Vancouver" because that's where the trip started and ended, but oh boy we took a whole lot of detours along the way. 
People told me that two weeks in British Columbia and Alberta sounded like a lot. But to be honest, two weeks (well thirteen days to be more accurate) was just the right amount of time; one week would have been way too rushed, and more than two weeks would have been too exhausting, and let's be real, I would be way too broke.
If you're a nature and scenery freak like I am, you will absolutely love British Columbia and Alberta.
My best friend, Nailah and I did SO much that by the middle of the second week, our bodies were hurting and exhausted from all the hiking, sight seeing, and endless driving! We drove a total of 4000 km, well 3998 km, that's a total of 85 hours just on the road! We had to take power naps during the day to be able to carry on with our road tripping experience. 

Anyway, if you know me well enough, you should know by now that I am a packing freak. Being on my tight student budget, I took advantage of a low cost flight to Vancouver, but that meant I was only allowed a backpack and a carry on. But since we were going to be sleeping in a can, we also needed blankets, pillows, jackets, etc, so my friend and I paid for an additional luggage. I maximized my space by taking advantage of even the smallest mm of space available. I was gone for 13 days, with no laundry since we were road tripping, so obviously I had to pack a LOT of clothes.

So here is a list of all the clothes I packed for my trip:

Plain T-Shirts : V-Neck Basic in Yellow, Dark grey, Heather Grey, Dark Green (Urban Planet), Red (ARDENE), Laced Black (ZARA - same in white)
Crop top : Yellow (ARDENE), Black (ZARA - same in pink)
Shorts : Blue and White Stripes (GAP), Khaki (Banana Republic similar)
Others : Blue Jays Jersey (Champs - similar), Jurassic Park T-shirt (ZARA), Nirvana T-shirt (Hot Topic), Blue T-shirt (PUMA)
Sweaters : Royal Blue, Burgundy, Olive Green, Light Grey (H&M)
Jeans : Girlfriend Jeans (GAP), Black Jeans (DKNY) and Grey (RW & Co)
Leggings (GUESS - similar)
Active Leggings (Urban Planet - similar)
Jackets : Burgundy Bomber (Forever 21), Olive Green Bomber (Forever 21), Burgundy Bomber (Forever 21), Home Is Canada Bomber (Peace Collective), Black Winter Vest
Shoes : Adidas Stan Smith Shoes(FootLocker), Black Boots (ALDO), Black Chuck Taylor All Star (Converse), Black Sneakers (Reebok)
Belt : Old Western Faux Leather (Urban Planet - similar or same in white)
Beanie Black (ARDENE)
Sunglasses : Blue Aviator (ALDO), Black Aviator (ALDO), Clear Aviator (ALDO), Yellow Cowboy (Urban Outfitters), Brown Leather (RayBan)

P.S: I did not get a picture for every outfit I wore on the trip but pretty much everything is here.

Jeans - RW & Co
Black Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO
Old Western Faux Leather Belt (Urban Planet - similar or same in white)
Rolling Stones Shirt (Walmart - similar)

Jeans - DKNY     Shoes - Footlocker
Shirt - Urban Planet in Heather Grey
Home is Canada Bomber (Peace Collective)
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Jeans - RW & Co     Shoes - Footlocker
Blue Jays Jersey - (Champs - similar)     Black Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO
Old Western Faux Leather Belt (Urban Planet - similar or same in white)
Leggings - (GUESS - similar)     Black Boots (ALDO)
Sweater - (H&M in Royal Blue)     Black Winter Vest
Sunglasses - Brown Leather (RayBan)
Leggings - (GUESS - similar)     Black Boots (ALDO)
Sweater - (H&M in Olive Green)     Olive Green Bomber (Forever 21)
Black Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO     Beanie Black (ARDENE)
Girlfriend Jeans (GAP)     Red Shirt (ARDENE)
Black Boots (ALDO)     Burgundy Bomber (Forever 21)
Clear Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO
Leggings - (GUESS - similar)     Black Boots (ALDO)
Jurassic Park T-shirt - ZARA     Black Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO
Jeans - DKNY     Shoes - Footlocker
Yellow Cowboy Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
    Yellow  Crop Top (ARDENE)     
Leggings - (GUESS - similar)     Black Boots (ALDO)
Burgundy Bomber (Forever 21)     Black Winter Vest
Sunglasses - Brown Leather (RayBan)
Jeans - DKNY     Black Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO
Jurassic Park T-shirt - ZARA
Black Chuck Taylor All Star - Converse
Blue and White Stripes Shorts - GAP
Laced Black shirt (ZARA - same in white)
Black Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO
Shoes - Footlocker
Plaid Shirt (Garage)
Maxi Dress (Forever 21 - similar with sunflower print)
Yellow Cowboy Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Hoodie - Urban Behaviour
Black Sneakers - Reebok     
Active Leggings (Urban Planet - similar)
Black Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO

Khaki Shorts (Banana Republic similar)
Striped Shirt (Urban Planet - similar)
Shirt - Urban Planet in Dark Green
Olive Green Bomber (Forever 21)
Black Chuck Taylor All Star - Converse
Black Aviator Sunglasses - ALDO
Beanie Black (ARDENE)
Blue and White Stripes Shorts - GAP
Blue Aviator Sunglasses ALDO
Shoes - Footlocker     Shirt (PUMA)
Home is Canada Bomber (Peace Collective)

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