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Eid Celebration

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers! 
Eid is celebrated by Muslims around the world, and it marks the end of the fasting month, Ramadan. After fasting for a whole month (yes, not even water!) we celebrate Eid by eating lots of food (vermicelli,  cakes and our famous biryani), by wearing beautiful henna designs, visiting family and friends and most importantly, receiving/giving "Eidi". Eidi is a monetary gift that is usually given by the elders to younger relatives, and it's pretty much the highlight of my Eid!

If you didn't know what Eid was, well... now you do!

On this special day, it's very common (and recommended) to dress up in the most beautiful and fanciest outfits.  I don't normally dress up traditionally, so when an opportunity shows up, I go all out!

I tend to gravitate towards more simple and traditional looks. This burgundy and black ensemble is very special to me since it was a gift sent from Mauritius by my aunt. It's simple yet elegant, definitely the type of traditional clothing that I tend to go for. I guess, my aunt knows me very well! 
The clothing is just one piece, and the black part is attached to the burgundy part. The simple pattern on the burgundy gives the ensemble a very elegant touch. The bottom part is kind of like a long skirt but since it's attached to the top, the ensemble seems to look like a dress.

I accessorized the ensemble with some gold statement and burgundy earrings and my high platform heels.

For my makeup, I attempted a smokey burgundy eye makeup using my Naked Heat palette, wing eyeliner from Sephora and my nude Kat Von D matte lipstick in "Hawkind" to go perfectly with the ensemble. 

It was a beautiful day and I am so happy with how dreamy the pictures turned out! Let me know how you guys like it, and also if you would like to see more traditional outfits on the blog. Until then, I hope everyone had a wonderful Eid with all your loved ones. Stay blessed xx

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