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What I Wore To Work

Welcome back everyone! A little something about me: I'm not one to dress up to go to work, but I am trying to explore and try new things. As soon as I saw this skirt, I fell in love. It was just perfect to put together an office chic outfit look with it. It's the ideal length, very minimal and has the perfect cute black and white pattern.

To keep the look simple, I chose to pair the skirt with my plain black blouse from Mango that I have had ever since I was in Mauritius. So, pretty much that piece has been in my closet for more than 5 years now. I still wanted the outfit to stand out and look like I put some effort into it, so I chose to wear my black Vince Camuto heels which I can't get enough of lately. 

For accessories, I chose to go with my simple white Daniel Wellington watch and my silver Pandora bracelet. I also found these cute tassel earrings from Icing.

Shirt - Mango 
Skirt  - thrifted
Heels - Vince Camuto 
Watch - Daniel Wellington 
Earrings - Icing

Tulips in Ottawa

So on May 12th 2018, I went on a road trip with my friends for the weekend. We rented a car and we set off to Ottawa. It was definitely a very very very long drive, we went straight to the Canadian Tulip Festival. To be honest, I was not that impressed with the flowers. I was hoping that it would be more like a field instead of just a bunch of tulips. But we still managed to get some photos. 

Since we had been planning this trip for quite a while, I already had an idea of what I wanted to wear. I wanted to blend in with a floral pattern but at the same time, find a fabric that would pop from the colour of the flowers. 

So, when I found this affordable romper from Urban Planet, it was perfect. The size Small was a perfect fit for me, the pattern was floral and absolutely beautiful, it gives the illusion of real flowers and I chose to go with the white fabric so that it would stand out from all the colours. 

To finish the look, I wore my pink sunglasses and light pink hoop earrings. 

It was definitely a fun experience and I hope to go on more road trips soon. 

Romper - Urban Planet 
Sunglasses - ALDO 
Denim Jacket - Urban Planet 
Heels - ALDO

Spring Blues

I have been ready for this kind of weather for quite some time now. Spring is the time of the year when many things change. Plants begin to grow. Flowers bloom. The day gets longer. Everything is just so beautiful and inspiring. 

Here are two of the outfits that I planned out for spring.

For both of these outfits, I am wearing my blue body shirt, which I have had for a very long time. I love it because it is plain, simple and also very flattering to the little curves I got on my body :P
I also happened to have my hair down and natural for both of these days. I have very thin straight hair but I usually like to curl it to give it a little more volume. But, every now and then, I keep it the way it is. Especially on my lazy days ...

LOOK 1 : Blue Floral Skirt + blue heels + blue body suit

For the first look, I wanted to go with something floral to compliment and match the spring weather. I bought this blue floral print skirt from Dynamite last year but never got to wear it. The skirt gives the illusion of a wrap skirt, but it's not. Since, I wanted to dress up a little bit, I paired the whole outfit with my blue heels and accessorized it with an old cuff bracelet I had and a pair of grey hoop earrings.

Also,  as you can tell from the photos, it was unbelievably windy on the day these photos were taken. We tried to manoeuver our way to still get some good ones. 

Skirt - Dynamite
Shirt - (old)
Heels - Vince Camuto

LOOK 2 : Black and White Stripe Pants+ Block Heels Sandals + blue body suit

Last minute plan, last minute outfit, last minute makeup in the Sephora store. After I was done work in the afternoon, my friends and I decided to go to this park for a cherry blossom tree but didn't manage to get any good pictures with the tree since it was too high. 

I start my morning job at 8 am, so pretty much what that means is, I like sleeping in and don't bother doing my makeup to go to work. So, after work, we popped by square one, and I got ready right there. And my hair... well, it's just natural for this shoot.

My outfit is pretty much work related, white and black stripe pants and a dark blue body shirt to go with it. 
I've been obsessed with the black block heels sandals I got from ALDO last year. With the weather a lot nicer and warmer now, they are perfect: very chic, elegant and subtle at the same time. I take the bus on the way back, so I don't really like to stand out in a crowd with too much of a heel shoe, even though I am a heel maniac.

I don't usually accessorize to go to work. I just go with my everyday small earrings and sometimes a watch and a cross-body bag, that's about it! 

P.s : These photos were actually taken by my friend/photographer Sonia, gotta give her credit for making me look good in a photo where I'm not smiling/laughing. 
Check out her page : and her Instagram account : syr_portraits

Shirt - (old)
Pants - Forever 21
Shoes - ALDO

Sunglasses - RayBan

Double Denim

I am not usually one to wear the denim on denim look, but everyone seems to be rocking it these days, so I thought, WHY NOT?!

I have had my eyes on that red and white LEVI's shirt for a while now (totally classic, I know!). And when I found out it was 30% OFF, I had to get it! Also, my sister recently got this cropped denim jacket and I could already picture myself wearing it (p.s it's only fair that I stole her denim jacket when she steals my watches and sunglasses all the time). And to add a perfect finish to this look, I chose to wear my all-time favourite pair of sneakers, my blue and white Stan Smith. 

A little back story about my LEVI's shirt:I wore it to work a few days after this shoot. During my lunch break, while I was standing in line to get food, the lady in front of me turned around and spilled her drink all over me (accidentally, yeah?). On top of that, she had the nerve to tell me that I was the one to barge into her and that it was my fault for standing too close to her. You can imagine how outraged I was!!! Thankfully, it was just Sprite and no major damage was done, it didn't get stained. 
Crisis averted! Fiouf!!!

I am absolutely in love with this LEVI's shirt and it is definitely a staple in my closet now! 
Scroll down below to take a look for yourself...

Shirt - Levi's
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Adidas Originals Stan Smith
Sunglasses - ALDO

Watch - Daniel Wellington

Blue Dress

Hi everyone! I recently bought this plain blue dress from Winners and it's just so pretty. Even though it was a tough choice at first between the black or the blue version of the dress, I knew right away that it would be on the blog.

And now that spring is finally here and the weather is not too cold and not too warm, this dress was absolutely perfect. The dress is a simple navy blue colour with ruffles and a bow tie in the front. Also, it has a V-neck which makes it perfect to style with my silver necklaces. 

I styled it 2 different ways to show you guys how I can use the same outfit but change just a little something and wear it for a completely different occasion. 

LOOK 1 :Over The Knee Boots + Dress

I just wore the dress  with a simple three layered silver necklace and my black over the knee boots. Even though, the look is simple, it looks very elegant and sophisticated.

LOOK 2 : Sneaker + bomber jacket

Turned this look from a very chic and elegant style to a super casual and fun look that would fit in for pretty much every occasion. Just by wearing sneakers with any outfit gives it a casual touch to it. I paired with a black bomber because it got a little chilly in the evening with the windshield.