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Beauty: 3 Double Duty Makeup Products

Makeup is something that I am very passionate about. At this point, I own so much makeup and I know that, but it's still never enough because I find myself in a Sephora or a Mac store whenever I am at the mall. 

Over the little time that I have been wearing makeup, I have learned a few tips and tricks and I wanted to share some, and hopefully it will be helpful to you.

Some makeup products could be used for other purposes than what they are made for. 

1. Lipstick as Blush
A soft pink/nude pink colour lipstick would do the trick. Apply 2 small dots on the cheekbones and by using your ring finger, blend in small circular motion until no streak of lipstick is seen. 

2. Concealer as Eye Shadow Primer
This is something that I do on a daily basis because let's face it, eye shadow primer are a total rip off (for the price that it is and the amount that you get). A concealer does a decent job at keeping the eye shadow in place for a long amount of time. 
Now... don't get me wrong, I do own an eye shadow primer, I just keep it for special occasions (weddings, parties, etc), just so I am sure that my eye makeup will stay in place no matter what. But so far, I have had no issues with the concealer. It's just a matter of feeling comfortable in certain situations. 

3. Bronzer as Eye shadow
Again, something I do everyday. I am still learning on the whole eye shadow process, so an easy eye shadow makeup is usually my go-to. I just pop some clear light brown eye shadow all over my eye lid and blend my bronzer in the crease, and that's it. 

Urban Decay Concealer - in Dark Medium
NARS Concealer - in Biscuit
Benefit Cosmetics Bronzer - in Natural Bronze
Urban Decay Lipstick - in Safe Word
Bare Minerals Lipstick  - in Mantra

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