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Red and Blue

Hello friends! Doesn't it feel like the year is going by so fast? I can't wait for spring time weather and not having to wear a winter coat or any sort of jacket to keep myself warm. 

Until then... I am living in my kind of comfy outfit: ripped girlfriend jeans, a relaxed fitted pair of jeans, both classic and flattering at the same time and a sweater to keep me warm. Unless I am at work and it's not Casual Friday, this is the outfit you would most likely see me in: Jeans and a sweater. 

Red and blue instantly makes me think of Superman but hey... that can't be a bad thing, right? I love the colour combination in an outfit. A red top with blue jeans/a denim skirt with a red shirt/a red sweater with blue jeans, the colours go really well togetherI chose the latter and styled it with 2 different jackets:

1. The teddy reversible jacket ( for the colder days)
The teddy bear jacket has been trending for quite a while now and I wasn't really sure how I felt about it until I found an affordable version in Winners. The fabric felt so nice to the touch. I had to get it. Even though, it's a Small, it looks a bit big on me and gives the illusion of an over sized jacket, which I love. This jacket is so cozy and it makes you feel like you have been wrapped in a blanket. 

2. The bomber (for the warmer days)
The fitted bomber jacket is definitely one of my favourites and it's just perfect for the transition into spring: warm enough yet not too much. I chose the burgundy one to blend in with the red sweater and I love how the whole look turned out

Shirt - Ardene (similar)
Girlfriend Jeans - GARAGE
Bomber - Forever 21
Boots - Urban Planet (similar)

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