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Camouflage Me

Hello everyone! Here's the newest blog post in MARCH!!! I am on a roll this month, and I will try to stay consistent for you guys! I don't know about you but I can't wait for spring/summer and for Canada to start blooming again! 

Camo looks are perfect if you want to blend in with the environment during this winter to spring transition. Well... to be honest, camo prints are perfect for any weather. And this trend never goes out of style.

I got those pants last year for a camo-themed wedding party and I adore them. They are comfy, ripped at my knees and look so sick! I paired it with a plain black t-shirt. When it started getting cold in the evening, I threw on my green sweater and my black coat to keep me warm. 

Check out the outfit details and the links down below!

Outfit Details
Camo Pants Forever 21

T-shirt - Ardene
Camo Flats - Ardene
Sweater - Forever 21 (similar V-neck)

Red and Blue

Hello friends! Doesn't it feel like the year is going by so fast? I can't wait for spring time weather and not having to wear a winter coat or any sort of jacket to keep myself warm. 

Until then... I am living in my kind of comfy outfit: ripped girlfriend jeans, a relaxed fitted pair of jeans, both classic and flattering at the same time and a sweater to keep me warm. Unless I am at work and it's not Casual Friday, this is the outfit you would most likely see me in: Jeans and a sweater. 

Red and blue instantly makes me think of Superman but hey... that can't be a bad thing, right? I love the colour combination in an outfit. A red top with blue jeans/a denim skirt with a red shirt/a red sweater with blue jeans, the colours go really well togetherI chose the latter and styled it with 2 different jackets:

1. The teddy reversible jacket ( for the colder days)
The teddy bear jacket has been trending for quite a while now and I wasn't really sure how I felt about it until I found an affordable version in Winners. The fabric felt so nice to the touch. I had to get it. Even though, it's a Small, it looks a bit big on me and gives the illusion of an over sized jacket, which I love. This jacket is so cozy and it makes you feel like you have been wrapped in a blanket. 

2. The bomber (for the warmer days)
The fitted bomber jacket is definitely one of my favourites and it's just perfect for the transition into spring: warm enough yet not too much. I chose the burgundy one to blend in with the red sweater and I love how the whole look turned out

Shirt - Ardene (similar)
Girlfriend Jeans - GARAGE
Bomber - Forever 21
Boots - Urban Planet (similar)

Royal Blue

Hi guys! Can you believe it? 2 blog posts in March already? I mean... I am so proud of myself!
A little something about myself: I am definitely not one to plan my outfits ahead of time. Most of them are last minute decisions and that's mostly because I am just too lazy to plan. 

This is one of my last minute look which I absolutely love. Layering is essential  when the weather is this crazy in Canada. I am wearing a white fitted shirt layered with a bright royal blue sweater, some ripped girlfriend jeans and my blue ankle boots to match the outfit. I chose to wear with my black coat gifted by my cousin from England.

This look had a lot of blue in it, but I think that the tints of white and black balances out the blue.

Check out the outfit details below. 

Loving my collection of earrings 

Outfit Details
White Shirt - H & M
Sweater - H & M
Girlfriend Ripped Jeans - GARAGE
Ankle Boots - ALDO

Leather on Leather

Hello everyone, I apologize for being a little quiet on the blog lately. It's not that I don't have ideas for the blog, but it's hard to have someone take photos for me, everyone has a pretty busy schedule and I've tried to work around it. So, today I am sharing a leather look I put together. The girly version of the look Ross has with leather pants in Season 5 Episode 11 in FRIENDS  

Outfit Details

Sweater - H & M
Skirt - H& M (similar)
Jacket - TopShop 
Boots - Urban Planet (similar)