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Just a beanie obsession

Since the beginning of the year, winter in Toronto/Mississauga has been awful and so brutal. It's been so cold and I rarely go out but if you've seen me around, you've definitely seen me wearing my current winter obsession: THE BEANIES!

A beanie is an essential for winter. At least for me in Canada, it is! I just love how it can just add a cute touch or pop of colour to your outfits. The beanies can also be a bit funky but above all, they keep you warm. I've got a pretty good collection. Here are some of them :)

Slouchy grey beanies Ardene    

Slouchy brown beanie West 49

White Knit Pompom beanie Forever 21

Black beanie with 2 pompoms ALDO

Yellow knit pompom beanie Forever 21
Let me know in the comments below what your winter obsession is! 

New Year New Me

Happy New Year everyone! It's 2018... Time flies! So, just like every other year, I'm starting the year thinking that this year I am going to actually do things differently. I will be sharing some of those with you in this post. Maybe, I can honour them if they're set in stone (I mean on the blog). 

1. Start fresh. Make a change in your lifestyle, something noticeable, something that people will look at and think "Oh! That's something different, something new about you." For instance, I dyed my hair black with burgundy highlights.

2. Grow my audience! Both on the blog and Instagram. I will be focusing on creating quality content and also on being more consistent with my blog posts.

3.Develop my style. The whole idea of the name "popofgrey" is that it does not restrict me to only the colour grey, even though it is my favourite colour. This year, I want to experience more with neutrals as well as colours. Basically I want to try a little bit of everything. I am too confused about what I like. I like comfy styles but at the same time I love my heels. I am always on the search for the perfect comfy (A girl can dream, right?)

4. Start a bullet journal! I love the idea of me jotting my ideas down for the blog and  to help me organize my ideas and my life a little. 

5. Take care of my skin. Have a routine: makeup remover, cleanser, and to use a mask for every time I wear makeup which is mostly every day. Also to use a scrub at least once a week.

6. Obviously, it's a given that I will be trying to go to the gym more often. Compared to 2016, I went to the gym more in 2017. This year, I'm going to attempt to go regularly (at least 2-3 times/week).

7. Save money for a trip to somewhere else since I loved my Bahamas trip so much. If you haven't seen the blog post for that, here's the link for it:
Go check it out!

8. This one was one of the things I said I would do in 2016. Learn how to cook! I'm really bad at that. I can bake because it involves a recipe. But when it comes to cooking home meals and eye balling food measurements, I have no clue how to do any of these. So 2018 is the year that I will attempt to learn how to cook.

9. To stop overthinking every situation. I can't help it, so many things happen in my head and most of time they are negative thoughts. I overthink too much about how people would react to certain things. And most of the time, if I do end up talking about it, I'm surprised about how well people take it since I've already thought about the worst thing already. I want to focus on positive thoughts and trust the people in my life more. 

10. Learn from others. I want the 10th one to be from my readers. What are some of the changes you want to do 2018? Maybe I can add that to my list. I'd love to hear from you.

P.s : These are my changes but hey if they apply to you as well, why not use them?