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Autumn Lookbook - Revamping Wardrobe

It's safe to say that Autumn is my favourite season! There's just something about the colours, the crisp mornings, chilly air with a touch of wind that just makes everything so moody, but yet so fantastical, captivating and fascinating. Aside from the work of art created by nature, another extraordinary advantage of the season is the fashion sense. Layers, patterns, hats, sweaters, boots, coats - what more could a girl ask for? 

Around the end of summer this year, I decided to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe and to change things up a little, in order to incorporate new items that would best suit me and my personality. As much as I enjoy comfort and coziness, I also enjoy dressing up and going out of my comfort zone every now and again.


1. Pop of Red & Blue

The oversized sheer Red & Blue button up shirt was an amazing steal from a local thrift store on Lakeshore. It was the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I have a feeling that it will become a staple piece to add to almost any outfit. Even though the shirt did not have a brand tag on, the Red & Blue gives such a Tommy Hilfiger vibe and as a matter of fact, I've been asked if it is that question quite a number of times. 

Now, let's talk outfit!

The inspiration behind this outfit was more or less a pop of colour - Red & Blue. Wearing all black is my go-to as it matches with every other colour naturally. If you've visited my Instagram page @aanahsarah, you've probably noticed this Faux Leather Aviator Jacket! Another new piece to my wardrobe was this amazing Straight Leg Jeans from Levi's, which I snatched at Nordstrom on Sale! I thought it was time to explore something other than skinny jeans and these ones just fit the criteria I was looking for. 

"What is that criteria you ask?" 

Being 5'8, it's always tough and risky to find the perfect length of jeans. Not only do these jeans fit me perfectly around the waist, but they also have the perfect length all the way to my ankles with a perfectly well positioned rip on the right leg. I mean WOW! Not to mention, the detailing of the buttons instead of the zipper. 

I paired the perfect jeans with an old lace pattern T-shirt from ZARA, put on the Sheer Oversized shirt and the Aviator Jacket. Popped on my square heel boots from Nasty Gal and completed the outfit with my Ralph Lauren belt that I snatched on Sale at the premium outlet mall in Halton Hills. And there you have it - the perfect, easy and comfortable outfit for fall. Layering is that easy! 

2. Pop of Collar

Remember the Pop of Red & Blue dress shirt above? Well... here it is again! Given the sheer fabric of the shirt, it's the perfect type of material to wear as an under shirt. My new thing is to style a dress shirt underneath a sweater and popping the collar for a more "student" look. To complete the outfit, I paired everything with my straight leg jeans from Levi's and some ALDO boots. 

3. Leopard print

Remember I mentioned that I am trying to get out of my comfort zone? Well... leopard print is one of them. For as long as I can remember, leopard print was never a YES for me, I was always hesitant about the colour, the print, matching it with other items, etc. Another reason to avoid the leopard print was also because I never found any leopard print items that caught my eye. That is until I saw this stunning midi dress on the Sale rack at H&M. Quite honestly, I was shocked that it was in the Sale section in the first place since it was so perfectly on trend for Fall 2020. It felt so unrealistic that I made sure to double check if the dress did not have issues, but so far I have found none.

Styling leopard print!

Since it was a bit more late October, we were onto the crispier days and most fall leaves were on the ground. To stay elegant but cozy and warm, I opted to layer underneath the silk dress, a thin black turtle neck from ZARA - another versatile and staple to my closet. Since this turtle neck has wonderful buttoning, and detailing on the sleeves, I made sure to show them off by tucking them up slightly above my wrist, giving it a more elegant look. To complete the outfit, I threw on my Beige Wool Coat from ZARA, with some basic tights and my black combat boots.

Check out my previous blog post : 1 Item 5 Ways : Black Turtle Neck

4. Boyfriend/Dad's Shirt

The easiest and most inexpensive way to revamp a wardrobe is by borrowing clothes from your loved ones. Typically, I'm always looking for "girly" clothes, but lately I've been raiding my dad's closet for his dress shirts and getting that perfect over-sized look so easily, effortlessly and it doesn't cost anything. Convenient, right?

You’ve reached the end of this blog. For more outfit photos and inspiration, 
follow me on Instagram : @aanahsarah and on Pinterest : @popofgrey.

If you recreate any outfits, don’t forget to tag me, I would love to check them out.

Until then, live a little... 
A little lot ♥️

Add a PopOfGrey to any outfit

This post is well overdue given the name of my blog, but better late than never, right? Grey is my favourite colour as well as the inspiration behind PopOfGrey. It’s a perfectly cool, neutral and balanced colour. The colour grey is an emotionless and moody colour, typically most associated with meanings of dullness. 

However, "Gray matters"!

Grey is a Trend, the possibilities with the colours itself are endless : charcoal grey, space grey, graphite, silver, pepper, etc. Styling too much grey in an outfit can be very tricky, as a solution I make the colour pop by adding one single grey item to most outfits. This blog post will focus on showing you different ways to add a Pop Of Grey to your outfits for the Fall/early Winter season. I hope you enjoy them ;)

1. Grey sweater
Since grey is a cool neutral colour, it pairs perfectly well with washed out denim jeans. I picked up this perfect high waisted jeans from H&M, perfectly on trend for a throwback 90s outfit. I added my suede ankle blue boots from ALDO, threw on my Faux Leather Aviator jacket from ZARA and some gold jewelry.  

2. Grey beanie
For a crisp and cold Fall/early Winter morning, a grey beanie is the perfect solution. For this outfit, I styled a ribbed sleeveless top with a green plaid flannel shirt. For shoes, I chose my all time favourite Croc pattern boots from ALDO, and added the Faux Leather Aviator jacket from ZARA. 

3. Grey coat
One of the many Fall trends I am obsessed with are coats! They are the best thing for the season and best of all, they make everything look good. Whether it's a trench coat, a teddy bear coats, blazer, bomber, etc, a coat is a staple once the cold days arrive. 

Outfit 1: I paired my grey coat from Dynamite with a navy blue thrifted heart pattern V-neck top, some high waisted 90s style denim jeans from H&M, my suede navy blue ankle boots from ALDO, and accessorized the outfit with some golden jewelry.

Outfit 2
: I paired the reversible teddy bear coat from Winners with a navy blue sweater from Joe Fresh, skinny jeans from DKNY and my combat boots from ALDO. For accessories, I went with a simple grey and white watch from Paul Hewitt. 

You’ve reached the end of this blog. For more outfit photos, follow me on Instagram : @aanahsarah.

If you recreate any outfits, don’t forget to tag me, I would love to check them out.

Until then, live a little... 
A little lot ♥️

12 Props to step up your photo game

To do, Oh what to do with your hands? That is the question...

When it comes to posing for photos, be it for my blog, for my Instagram or even for a little snippet video for myself, I can never know what to do with my hands. Now I'm not saying that I'm a professional model, but I've found that it's a lot easier to make your hands look more natural in photos by simply adding a prop. The problem is... you can't use the same prop too many times, that's too obvious and maybe a little boring. That's why I've combined a list of various props you could have when posing for a more natural and candid look. 

1. Coffee cup/drink

If you're a coffee addict like me, this should be an easy one. The choices are endless : hot coffee, slushies, bubble tea, milkshakes, etc. Sip on your drink while posing, and your photos will be candid !

2. A cute little Umbrella

Rainy Day? Don't let it stop you from getting that perfect photo! Add a cute little umbrella to your shot. Not only is it a necessity but it gives the photo a story line. If the sky doesn't cooperate, just change it! Nothing a little editing couldn't fix.

P.S : you can also get the tiny clear umbrella from your local Dollarama for super cheap

3. Newspaper

Not only is this a great prop, but newspapers can also be free. Grab any free newspaper from a newstand at any bus/train station and get creative. 

4.  Portable Fan

Need some air? Grab a fan and get that windy/breezy look! It's an easily accessible prop that's available in most stores or that you could probably find at home already. Take multiple shots until you're satisfied. 

5. Basket of fruits/fruits

Fruit picking is an amazing fun activity that can be enjoyed with friends and family. Spend some time with your loved ones and turn it into a photoshoot. It's a win win! And what better than a fruit basket filled with fresh fruits as a prop for photos? 

6. Flowers/Leaves/Nature

Look around, explore your surroundings and see what you could use in your photos. Some of the best props are available for free. You just have to keep an open mind and trust in the process. Whether you buy a bundle of roses, or using a fallen Autumn leaf as a prop, nature is by far my most favourite. However when it comes to taking photos with natural props, I prefer close up shots as opposed to wide angles when it comes to landscapes. I find that it keeps the focus on the beauty of nature and as a result makes the photo more authentic. 

7. Collection of things (phone cases)

Having an obsession could be a good thing! I used this idea for a promotional shoot I did for @IdealOfSweden (phone case company) and it turned out to be creative and unique while also showcasing their cases. 

8. Camera/phone 

Pretty basic to mention the technologies that we normally use to take the photos, am I right? But, it's true! Digital cameras, phones, vintage cameras, etc. are all great additions to have for photos. Not only to take the photos, but to be in them as well. 

9. Sparklers

The inner child in me is always happy to get sparklers. I don't know what it is about them, but they're just so much fun. So why not add them for a cute new year/birthday/celebration photo? Not only are they so much fun, but they can also be found pretty much in most dollar stores at a very ridiculously cheap price.

10. Balloons

Balloons are perfect for celebrating an occasion. Just like sparklers, balloons do not cost much. Nowadays, there are so many different shapes, sizes and types of balloons available pretty much everywhere. Grab yourself some cool balloons and get that shot!

11. Food

Food is always a MUST! Growing up, I was always told not to mess around with my food. As an adult, my food is not just food, but also a prop. 

P.S : the photo on the left was posted on Narcity and I am beyond excited about that!

12. Sunglasses/Glasses

This is my go-to selfie pose : holding the frame. It's the perfect effortless pose, especially if you're like me aka blind AF. 

You’ve reached the end of this blog. For more creative and fun photos, follow me on Instagram : @aanahsarah.
If you use any of the props for your own photos, don’t forget to tag me, I would love to check them out.

Until then, live a little... 
A little lot ♥️

Beauty Finds of 2019 (Budget Friendly & High-end)

I'll admit it: I am a MAKEUP ADDICT! And by that, I don't mean that I am always wearing makeup because if you end up seeing me anywhere, I'm usually rocking my natural look. I mean MAKEUP ADDICT, as in I love love loooove adding more to my makeup collection. I love testing, experimenting and having multiple options to choose from when it comes to makeup.

However in 2019, I feel like I focused a lot more on my skin care, which is an absolute must in my opinion as it creates a good foundation for any makeup look. The tail end of 2019 was a really tough and stressful year due to some personal health reasons. You can only imagine all the breakouts and acne scars that continue to haunt me.

Anyway, let's move on from all that to talk about the real content of this blog post : My 2019 Beauty Finds. These are products that I have already restocked, or plan to continue adding to my basket. In this list there are some amazing budget friendly beauty/skin care finds, as well as some high end beauty/skin care finds.

♥  Translucent Powder - Laura Mercier
♥  Setting Mist- Morphe
♥  Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask & Cleanser - The Body Shop
♥  Coffee Face Mask - The Body Shop
♥  Glitter Eye shadow palette - Pixi Beauty
  ♥  Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C - The ordinary
♥  Vitamin C Glow Moisturizer - ORIGINS
♥  Concealer - Maybelline

☆  Translucent Powder - Laura Mercier
The Translucent Powder has been a game changer in my makeup routine. I had always heard a lot of good things but never felt the need to add it to my routine. Last year, I decided to give it a try as a sample reward from Sephora. Next thing I knew, two months later, I was going back to Sephora for the regular size. I use it every time I wear makeup, and unlike the conventional way of using the translucent powder to bake all over the face, I only use it under my eyes. I find the powder to be best applied lightly with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.
Price $51

☆  Setting Mist - Morphe
Not that I am an absolute fan of James Charles, but I do recognize his talent as a makeup artist. I discovered the Morphe Setting Mist while watching one of James' videos, and decided to give it a try. It is an affordable/budget friendly setting mist on the market. Just like James Charles, I fell in love with the mist as opposed to the spray of other brands. Trust me, you just have to give it a try to notice the difference.
Price $20

☆  Himalayan Face Mask & Cleanser - The Body Shop
I had the amazing experience to collaborate with The Body Shop last year and review some of their new products. The Himalayan Charcoal face mask and cleanser were some of my favourites during that collaboration that have made their way into my routine, and are constantly being added to my basket. I love the Himalayan Charcoal face mask to treat my skin for acne. It is a very drying face mask however, so I would not recommend it for people with very dry skin. I use it on parts of my face where I deem it to be needed the most.
The Himalayan Charcoal Face Cleanser is perfect to remove makeup, to freshen up the skin with a quick wash and remove any impurities after a makeup remover. It works perfectly to clean up makeup brushes as well.
Face Mask - Price $28 $19.60
 Cleanser - Price $18 $12.60

☆  Coffee Face Mask - The Body Shop
Being a dedicated coffee addict, I absolutely had to try this. I would say I use it more as a face scrub refresher as opposed to face mask. With the coffee texture, it works as an amazing exfoliator and does what it's meant to : awaken the skin. It leaves you with an amazing fresh radiant glow and makes you look less fatigued - just like coffee 
Price $28 $19.60

☆  Glitter Eyeshadow Palette - Pixi Beauty
I had heard a lot of reviews about Pixi beauty from YouTube videos and Instagram bloggers. However, I am not very fond of buying makeup online. I prefer in person, in store as not all goes with my skin complexion as I think it would. I was excited to find some Shoppers Drugmarts in Canada carrying them. I lucked out with the glitter eyeshadow palette, which I got from Winners for almost half the price.
Pros : The palette is extremely pigmented. A little goes a long way.
Cons : I would prefer the palette even more if it carried some basic warm matte eyeshadow. Only glitter eyeshadows in a palette feels more like a highlighter palette. Instead whenever I use the Pixi beauty glitter palette, I always have to combine it with another eyeshadow palette in order to create a look.
Price $24

☆  Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C- The Ordinary
Hyaluronic Acid has a lot of benefits for the skin.  It attracts and holds on to moisture which allows the skin to feel more hydrated and plump. I found out about this product from a YouTube video of Melissa Alatorre dedicated to her skin care. I gave it a try since this product was so budget friendly. I mean it was too good to be true : both products for a little over $10 #MindBlown. Since then, I have always had this product stocked up, I constantly use it during the day to refresh my skin and TBH I just love it since it gives my skin such a glowing and hydrated finish.
Hyaluronic Acid - Price $6.80
Vitamin C - Price $5.80

☆  Vitamin C Glow Moisturizer - fresh
Moisturizing is a MUST for me; makeup or no makeup. It's the most basic and most needed step in my everyday beauty routine. After brushing my teeth in the morning, I always moisturize. If I got in the shower midday, I moisturize again. Before putting on makeup, I moisturize, after I take my makeup off, I moisturize again. Ever since summer last year, I've fallen in love with the Vitamin C Glow Moisturizer from fresh. I use it religiously every day. I have already restocked this item 4 times and I always keep a back up in case I run out. I know, right? Obsessed much?
Tip : Always make sure to moisturize your neck as well (Avoid those wrinkles and dryness)
Price $55

☆  Concealer - Maybelline
Along with my amazing budget friendly Sephora Concealer, I discovered the Maybelline Concealer - the drugstore concealer. I decided to give it a try. Fair warning though, I had to try 3 different ones to find my shade. It's tough to find a match since you cannot swatch or try it. It's a trial and error at first but once you find your shade, it's a smooth ride from there.

While writing this blog post, I discovered a fun little trick on the Shoppers Drug Mart website. They have a virtual try on, where you could either do a live try on or upload a photo and you'll have an idea how the shade looks on you.
Pros : It lasts really long. A little goes a long way. It's very buildable if needed.
Cons : I find it to be a tad bit dry for my taste but it does the job 😏
Price $12.99

That's all for my Beauty Finds in 2019. Have you tried any of these products?
I would love to know some of your amazing finds as well. Let me know πŸ’‹

Maroon Colours for Fall/Autumn πŸ‚

Summer is over... Unfortunately, that also means that the days are shorter, the air is crispier, and the temperature is lower and lower everyday. Styling outfits during a transition weather period can be a hassle. It's that time of the year when wearing a sweater seems like a good idea in the morning but in the afternoon, you're regretting it. I've already experienced it once.

While fall is difficult to style for when there are days so warm and other days when you just want to hide behind your blanket, it is however the time of the year to bust out any fall colour pieces stacked at the back of your closet. Anything maroon/brown, burgundy, mustard, yellow, olive green, navy blue, plum, etc.

I've dedicated this blog post entirely on incorporating the maroon colour for a perfect Fall πŸ‚wardrobe.
The brown girl chose the maroon colour, are you surprised? πŸ˜‹

Subtle Maroon Colour in 
Accessories - Belt & Cross Body Bag
This outfit was definitely out of my comfort zone but is my favourite of all. It's the perfect transition for those warm Summer-Fall days. It has a very subtle touch of maroon in the accessories I chose for the outfit : Western Brown Belt, Brown Cross Body Bag. I layered my lace black choker necklace with two pendant necklaces. As for the outfit, I chose to pair my asymmetric black denim skirt with the textured over the shoulder crop top from H&M and finished the look with my favourite pair of ankle boots from Nasty Gal.

Maroon Shirt with Maroon Cross Body Bag
This corduroy shirt couldn't be more perfect for those crispy and chilly Fall weather days. To change it up from the norm, the usual the jeans & shirt look, I paired it with a black maxi pleated skirt instead. It's a perfect skirt to twirl around in. Can you believe that I scored this skirt from wish.com for $5? I wore my wide ZARA belt, bought from Winners to hide the elastic part of the skirt (not a fan of elastic showing in an outfit). To add a little more height, I paired with chunky boots from Nasty Gal and threw on my faux leather jacket from TopShop to stay warmer.

Maroon Mini Skirt w/ Fluffy Sweater

Let me just start by saying that this sweater was gifted to me by my dad for my birthday. I have two very similar sweaters and I was shocked that my dad is finally understanding my taste. I'll probably be wearing it a lot during Fall and Winter. There's something about the fluffiness that makes it so cozy and comfortable. I paired it with my mini suede buttoned skirt from ZARA and my chunky boots. A perfect transition outfit for the days when it's not too hot or not too chilly.

Maroon Overalls w/ OTK Boots
To stay in tune with the Halloween theme, I paired this corduroy rusty orange/maroon overalls from Forever 21 with my favourite black turtle neck from ZARA. I added some sheer tights to stay warmer and wore my over the knee boots from ALDO.

I've also created a little collage of other outfit combinations that I would 100% wear. I hope you like my personalized "mΓ©lange". I had a lot of fun creating them and absolutely love how they turned out. Let me know which outfit is your favourite in the comments.

Crop Top - Skirt Arrow Bangle -
Boots Layered Necklace - 
Cross Body Bag - Snake Ring
Coat - Sweater - Ripped Jeans - Boots
Fedora Hat - Bandana - Necklace - Anklet - Round Glasses